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I have more than 12 years of Professional Electronics Engineering background taking on tasks in Design, Debugging and Manufacturing Support. I spent 8 years of that in the Philippines working on Power Electronics Product Development, later accepting opportunities in Hongkong and Malaysia on a more System Level Hardware Development work.

In the late 1990s' I have spent most of my time studying infection and stealth technuiques of self replicating programs. Primary interests where polymorphism, encryption, multipartite and multiplatform technuiqes. I learned coding in 32-bit windows and extended DOS assembly during this period.

My first Unix exposure was on a AT&T System V (SVR2) compatible version of D-Nix running on a Motorola 68k. It was during the time I was doing field maintenance work for a banks client management system.

I completely switched my os to Linux when Redhat 6.1 distro was released. After three months I subsequently replaced it with Slackware, Debian, LFS3.3 before finally settling on Crux. I switched to using OpenBSD around 2006.

I write Atmel firmware using AVRDUDE in OpenBSD, write simulation tools in Plan9 and maintain my code and documentation using Mac OS Mercurial and Bitbucket. At work I mostly deal with tools running on MS Windows.

My prefered programming language is C for most of my personal projects, but have written programs in various programming languages including Procedural (C, C++, Python, VB, TCL etc.) and Functional (Haskell and Scheme). I use the tools and language that will get me a completed project sooner.

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Mech Madcat F - series
This sketch was derived from the game Mechwarrior. I no longer play the game ever since I switch to using Linux, This is how I remembered my favorite mech. [more]

The Grim Reaper. I was trying to depict a very scary bringer of death here. I am not very good with this so I just pick what I can. [more]

snake and skull - This was suppose to be a logo for my old web page. It started to look boring after a few days so decided not to use it. The snake is smiling and the skull looks more chimpanzee than human. [more]

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[2013.10.05] SA1 - Homebrewed Spectrum Analyzer Based W7ZOI/K7TAU design. I made a few modification to accomodate my budget and parts availability. [more]

[2012.05.05] rcv1 - Multiband Direct Conversion Reciever for the 15m, 20m,40m amateur band. Uses homebrewed double balanced mixer. [more]

[2011.03.30] NEC2 - This is a port of Numerical Electromagnetic Code to Plan9. It was written in 1970s and it still very useful for Amateur Radio Antenna Design. [download] [more]

[2011.03.24] SPICE 3 - This is a port of Berkeley SPICE 3 to Plan9. SPICE2 was written in Fortran translated to C using f2c. SPICE3 was written in C with some Makefile changes. [download]

[2011.02.27] SPICE 2 - This is a port of Berkeley SPICE 2 to Plan9. SPICE2 was written in Fortran translated to C using f2c. [download]

[2011.02.26] simh - This is a port of the multisystem simulator from the Computer History Project to Plan9. [download] [more]

[2011.03.24] schem - To draw schematics in troff. Similar to Brian Kerninghan's chem for drawing chemical symbols. [download] [sample]

[2006.06.24] Mazda B2200 - This is my old pick up. I learned basic diesel maintenance work from it. Since moving out of my home country I have sold this pickup. [more]

[2004.12.01] Escomma - A circuit simulator using linear and non-linear equation solvers. It converts the spice netlist into a sparse matrix and uses LU decomposition and Newton-Raphson to solve the node voltages.There are plans to add interfaces to octave to enhance modeling. Extending the math library to include finite element method for magnetics analysis is also planned. It is written in C and released under GPL. [more] A version was created in Haskell [more]

[XXXX.XX.XX] Other miscellaneous releases are in contrib.


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Suckless.org - Home of high quality software dwm, stali and others, Its primary architect is Anselm Garbe

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